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criminal charges by deddie greececriminal charges by deddie greece

Criminal »Posted 30 Mar 2019 Post Answer

legal question i got accused by DEDDIE-DEI to steal electric from them since 2013, and they cut my electricity, withouit any warning, then i recieved a letter ( all in greek language) witch i dont read, there was also a settelment, that i had to pay 521 euro in 4 settelments, i asked a lawyer and she only said that i had to pay, the first settlement to get reconnected, and i did that, and got reconnected. I then got a call from the police that i had to come out there to pick up some papers, and i went, those papers was criminal charges against me, for stealing electric, since 2013. I explained, just as i have done several times to DEDDIE, that i have not stolen, neither fixed the meter, but they dident care, even the policeman said that he dident understand this at all, and that i was not the only one with problems with DEDDIE-DEI. and he also dident understand that how they can charge me for stealing since 2013 and they have done nothing before now, as he said they read the meters every 4 month, so something is not right he said, but he can not proof anything,i am a pensioner because of several illnesses, (heart problems, chronns disease and scheurmans disease in the spine) i had to struggle to get hold on the first 521 euro, witch i ended up lending from a friend in vietnam. Now i dont know what to do, cause again here the 29th a have to pay another 521 euros, and my normal electric bill. Also i really dont like to be called a thief and a liar, by anyone, and now i am evan in the criminal register by the police because of this. what can i do. hope you can help me in some way, I have all papers on the case, including the papers from the police

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