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Unequal pay for the same identical job Unequal pay for the same identical job

Labor »Posted 10 Nov 2018 Post Answer

legal question Hello,
My name is Jonathan and I work for XX in Greece, Athens.

When started working here, I've received a 3 weeks training together with others in order to be prepared for the job ahead.

During this training there were people from many different nationalities since the nature of this job is costumer support. This creates a need for many different languages in order to help costumers in Europe locally.

During my training, I compared my contract with others and found it was identical with the same salary and relocation package offered when moving here. This was expected since we are doing the exakt same job/project, have the identical skills(often none) and the only difference is the language spoken with the costumer.

Now to the problem,

1 month after finishing my training and started working it has come to my attention that everyone that speaks the German language has received a 30% raise as a bonus. This was done by the company in an act to encourage people to stay and will continue for a year or more.

I'm Swedish and identical problems with people leaving is occurring here. We should also get this raise logically but the group is much smaller and have less negotiation abilities.

What rights do I have in this situation? Im obvious getting unfairly treated when my colleges does the identical job within the same project and contract but gets 30% (300 euros) extra a month as an encouragement bonus.

Is this a case for discrimination under nationality or a violation under the right for equal pay. I would really appreciate any form of legal advice so I know how to move forward from this.

Thanks in advance,


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