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Salary debt dues/ misappropriation of funds.  Unfair dismissal, and brSalary debt dues/ misappropriation of funds. Unfair dismissal, and br

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legal question Legal action Part 1

I was sent an email by the hr department of the company I workedfor 10 years ago for a contract of three months that I worked for one client 4 months in total where I was told that they would pay me the next time I return to Greece and open a Greek bank account.

I have been advised by people working on the inside that they actually threw away my contract and spent my salary on cocaine for the whole of the HR department.

I have requested numerous times for these monies to be repatriated to me.

I was also advised than that my satisfaction surveys would be transferred to other agents so that a different report could be written to the client about what bonus u never received so that they could in fact pocket my bonus every time.

Again from a source working on the inside.

More recently I have moved back to Greece three years ago and the company are still holding out on these funds.

They also cheated me out of the winning prize for a work competition by first making out like there wasn't one for Greece and than making out like I had cheated.

.......more to follow in part 2 please read on in next correspondence........

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