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Noisy work by the ownerNoisy work by the owner

Property »Posted 9 Aug 2013 Post Answer

legal question Hello, I'm renting a 2 bedrooms flat for now nearly 3 years in east of Athens (Greece) for 530 euros monthly. From the end of june this year (already more than a month), the owner decided to build a new flat on the basement which was a storage space before (use by them or us) from this time they make a lot of noise every morning from 8h00 to the legal nap of 15h00 and start again from 17h00 to sunset. It's very noisy as they build walls, floor, cut tiles, set the tiles, plumbing, hammering, drilling etc. They still asking me to pay 530 euros a month for that although it's not quiet anymore at all and sometimes very dusty so we can't open the windows to get some fresh air by 30C and more in the summer time and we don't have AC. My question is : Am I entitled to ask them a free rent for the duration of the work or at least a reduction in the price ? Is it legal to do so in the greek rel estate law ?
Thank you very much.

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