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Foreign license plates seized by policeForeign license plates seized by police

Motor Vehicle »Posted 4 Sep 2019 Post Answer

legal question On Saturday we parked our car in Central Athens where apparantly we weren't allowed to. We got a fine and our Belgian license plates were removed. On Monday morning (the police station was closed on Sunday) we went to pay the fine (€40) but we didn't get our license plates back. Therefore we had to fill in a form on which we had to explain why we wanted them back, take 3 photocopies of the car's documents and were told to call back today. Today however, they told us that our request to get our plates back was declined. We can pick them up no sooner than 13th September. They refused to tell us why. When I persisted, they just cut off the line. We went to the Belgian embassy and explained that we have been stuck in Athens and are really supposed to head home. They had never heard of anything like that in over 20 years. According to online information in English and Dutch, the Greek police can only seize the plates of Greek registered vehicles. Could you please confirm if this is indeed the case.

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