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Bene trying to report a murde in Chios since 1997Bene trying to report a murde in Chios since 1997

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I have been trying to report a murder within my family carried out by a brother who hammered our step father to death since 1997,

i first heard about this over the phone in germany 3 weeks after i visited chios and had turned on a phone line, my step father told me several people, two he recognized, my uncle Delemahus Kessolglou and the other my Brother Tony Kotatis, i had tried calling chios police but they refused to take the complaint over the phone and demanded i come in person, finally they called me back in Germany and told me strange things, that the neighbors found my step father dead was dead for weeks, later they said my sister claimed i was still on the island, i explained that i have not seen y sister since 1987 and that one brother, i was unable to reach eitehr of them in any way by phone or mail, other relatives claimed the same but this year i learned after finding them on facebook that they where indeed on the island when my step father was found dead, that my step father was not registered dead in the usa until 2000 and they cashed his SSI checks, and my brother went into property registry and transferred ownership of property to his name with out my mother or father aware at all using lawyers and their IDs to provide signed notarys with out them in present, a attorney has looked into it on the island and said he would not rule out forgery, on my father\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s side in 2010 he was found beaten into a coma in his NY appartment, recently more information has been coming to light that it was all family who stole his ID over the years and embezzled money belongijng to his real estate in greece, they did things like this to us in the usa to keep us from reaching greece.

I have spoken to criminal lawyers in the usa that say i have to take my sister to federal court for stalking us from virginia by contacting anyone around us, she used confidence tricks like claiming she was a ex girlfriend who as beaten by myself with another alias name so no one knew she was my sister, other times she tried contacting old friends from school who refused to speak to her again over her obsession to stalk me and my father i reached all these people and they also concluded over the years that my sister, mother and other relatives have been stealing from us in greece while using some of the money to keep us from going back by creating problems.

based on the inheretance history of my father who is now broke and barely can walk in ny, they took over a 16 million euros estate he was entitled to with one other brother, my uncle and a few other uncles from my mother\\\\\\\'s side basically ruined his life and robbed him.

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