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Abandoning a British car in Greece Abandoning a British car in Greece

International Law »Posted 16 Jan 2016 Post Answer

legal question Hello, I am a Canadian citizen who bought, registered, and licensed a vehicle in London, UK. I have been using the vehicle for tourism, and have driven the car to Greece. The time on my visa has expired, and although I am carrying copies of all documents, I don\'t have my original registration certificate which would enable me to take the car out of the country. I have explored all the options I can think of with regards to selling it for parts, paying to have it scrapped, or legally giving it away (within Greece), and have had zero success. The only option that it seems to me I have is to remove all the paperwork and any personal belongings from the car, remove the license plates, and then kill the battery, remove all fuel etc, and abandon it. My basic question is: what are the chances that Greece will trace this vehicle back to me? What are the worst possible outcomes if they do trace it back to me (fines, bans from entering Greece, or Europe...)? Thank you for your help.

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