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 Salary debt dues/ misappropriation of funds.  Unfair dismissal, and b Salary debt dues/ misappropriation of funds. Unfair dismissal, and b

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legal question Legal action Part 2
I was also asked when I first came here about an acro report to be submitted to HR for me to a properly vetted employee.

I called the acro police department of the United Kingdom and they told me that this was completely unessecary and illegal for them to ask and that they can get themselves into alot of trouble in asking for it and that I should tell them so.

The other thing was more recently what I considered to be unfair dismissal when I was fired more recently in April of last year when I was bombarder with calls that were coming to only my line while preparing for a Dell supervisor position which led to a misdelivered iMac which I was subsequently fired for as it was flagged for the police as having been taken.

Even more recently I was given the false hope that I could work for a client that does graveyard hours and there was the potential to do normal ones only if french was available for me.

Even though I had stated explicitly at every possible opportunity of recruiting, department transfer and training that I would not be able to work those hours due to mental and physical disabilities that prohibit me from working those hours.

I guess the long and short of it is that there are a number of different injustices that I would like legal advice on..

Salary debt dues/ misappropriation of funds.

Unfair dismissal, and breach of equal opportunities act and discrimination.
I had blown the whistle to my supervisor about the conduct of the woman in charge of the work challenge event for which I was supposed to have won a prize, with no updates I had also sent an email to whole hr group to chase the monies owed to me.

What do you think is the best course of action for me to follow with this employer given all that they have done to me over the years?

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